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A/C Systems for Armored Vehicles

Auto Cool develops and manufactures special air conditioning systems for armored vehicles. The development process involves the careful consideration of several factors, such as the intended vehicle’s mission, whether it is a tactical and/or passenger- carrying vehicle. For tactical vehicles that spend a lot of time off-road, anchor reinforcement and additional protection of the unit are applied. Among other features, air distribution ducts are installed to provide efficient air distribution throughout all compartments. Emphasis is placed on system safety and appearance; Auto Cool also manufactures custom-made trims.Auto Cool designs and produces A/C systems for an extended range of military vehicles of all sizes, including large armored trucks.



Auto Cool Tactical Air Conditioning Unit

The role of this A/C unit is to remove the emitted heat from the server rack.
The system was designed according to the MIL 810 standard.
The project was carried out for one of Israel’s defense companies.


Technical specifications:

  • Cooling and heating
  • Cooling capacity: 1800W (6138 BTU/h)
  • Operating temp range: -20Cº to + 50Cº
  • Power supply: 380Vac, 3Ph, 50Hrz
  • Current consumption: 9A
  • Compressor type: Rotary
  • Refrigerant: R407c
  • Weight: 27 Kg