51 Galis St. Petach-Tikva 4927950, Israel
Auto Cool RRCU - Radar Rack Conditioning Unit

Auto Cool designed and manufactured a refrigeration system for cooling electronics, as part of a complete radar system installed on the military Lockheed Martin Corp. helicopter – Marlin HM Mk2.
Guiding principles in the design process were: reliability, weight limit, compactness, vibration resistant, salt/corrosion resistance, and compliance with the strictest military aviation standards.


Technical specifications:

  • Cooling capacity: 600W / BTU 2040 (@55Cº amb.)

  • Operating temp range: -40Cº to +55Cº (start at 70Cº )

  • Air flow:  300 CFM / 508 (m³/Hr) (@Static Air: 686 Pa / 70 mmH2O)

  • Power supply: 85-264Vac, 47-435Hrz, option: 1ph or 3ph

  • Compressor type: Rotary

  • Refrigerant: R-134a

  • Weight: 26.7 Kg

  • EMI/EMC certified